Ashby Congregational Church
Ashby Congregational Church
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Our Structure
Every congregational church belongs to the Congregational Federation, however each church is an independent church and it is the congregation that decides on all issues relating to the operation of the church and is served by an ordained minister appointed by the congregation.
There are no hierarchies within the church and there are no elaborate rituals.
Congregational churches are liberal and inclusive and respect the rights of individuals to worship in their own way.
Guided by the Holy Spirit each member strives to improve themselves on a daily basis to better serve the community, locally, nationally and globally.
Our Belief
Every person wishing to officially join the church and be active in the administration 
makes a decleration of faith that they accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
There is no obigation to be a church member and our services and activities are open to all faiths and those of no faith.
As a church community fellowship is very important to us. We are all equal and recognise each individual has their own particular talents to serve the church. 
We enjoy the harmony and peace that fellowship brings to us through mutual aid and support which is fostered through our church services and numerous social functions.
Through fellowship friendships are made and spirits are uplifted.
Congregationalism is all about Christians working and worshiping together in independent congregations, making decisions, as God leads them, in matters of worship, witness and service to their communities.
Ashby Congregational Church